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The Cursed Passage is a Horror themed Escape Experience. Your team will navigate through 5 rooms with the goal of solving puzzles to reinforce the barriers between reality and the nightmares.


This is a points based game, with the goal of solving as many puzzles as possible in each room before the timer runs out and you take on the next Nightmare. 

The Cursed Passage is a Scary Horror themed experience with live actors present, low lighting, loud sounds and haze effects.


Welcome to D.R.E.A.M, the only professional nightmare catchers in the business. We take dark thoughts and dreams and turn them into positive energy. Storing all the bad stuff safely in our facility.


Lately though we have noticed the dark energy seems be be leaking into the world as we know it.


Can you and your team face your fears, conquer the nightmares, and reinforce the barriers between dreams and reality? Or will you become lost in the darkness forever? The choice is yours.

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